It is your responsibility to make sure that all your goods are packed sufficiently well so that they can travel safely to their destination. Our staff will provide assistance in certain capacity and provides packing materials at competitive prices.

Our price does NOT include the insurance of your consignments. Please contact us for further arrangement if you want your consignments to be insured, however, you can contact insurance companies for quotes and make personal arrangement.

The following are suggested not to be shipped by freight:
cash, traveller’s cheques, stamp collections, deeds, tickets, jewelleries, watches or similar high valued articles.

Our prices are fully inclusive from collection (London) in UK to delivery at destination addresses except where consignee residence cannot be assessed due to unsuitable road system or where there’s a prior arrangement for items to be collected by the consignee.

All charges must be paid for during collection in local currency. Items collected without payment will not be freight until full payment is made.

Items collected without payment will only be stored for maximum of one week, and we are will not be liable for any part or whole damages afterwards, and storage fees will be charged.

Our expected delivery time is 5 to 7 working days for Lagos and 7-10 working days for outside Lagos. However, some unforeseen circumstances could affect our EDT, this circumstances are not limited to carrier airline transit time, Industrial action, hazardous weather. We will endeavour to keep you fully informed should this happen.

Certain items cannot be accepted for transit within your cartons of baggage. These items include, but not limited to aerosols, batteries, explosives, fireworks, corrosives, paints, perfumes, pressurized containers or other flammable items.

Some items are term as contrabands in country of destination, it is your responsibility to be aware of this information, please ask if not sure as we will not be liable for seized goods in such situation.

It is your responsibility to pay any extra charges such as, additional duty (VAT), NAFDAC charges and all other governmental agencies charges as and when required.

Please note that third party may be involved in the process of some transactions to facilitate efficient delivery, kindly ask us for details if you are concerned.

We are not responsible for loss to you of any profit, loss of customer, or indirect loss of a monetary or consequential nature All transaction/business is undertaken subject to the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association.

Where customers did not make payment and goods were shipped and payment was not received after five days, we shall not be liable for any damage/loss afterwards. And storage costs shall be incurred; this can be discussed with the destination Manager.

We do not accept a pay later transaction, however, when this happens, customers are expected to use their invoice or name as a reference to enable us trace/track their payment, failure to do this will delay the processing of their transaction.

All transactions are subject to our terms and conditions, and it is your interest to read them as your rights may be affected.

Under these conditions, our liability is limited in the event of loss or damage during transit. It is £2.50 per kilo up to 200KG per consignment. This could be excluded in certain circumstances where the damage or loss is in the country of consignment destination.